AOC FRONSAC – Mayne-Vieil

The flagship cuvee of Château Mayne-Viel
100% Merlot of 35 years average age.
Plantation density: 5,000 plants per hectare.
Traditional fermentation in temperature-controlled, stainless-steel vats.
Maceration during three weeks. Ageing in vats for one and a half years, 10% aged in 3 to 4 years old oak barrels (barriques).

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AOC FRONSAC – Mayne-Vieil Cuvée Aliénor

The Château Mayne-Vieil Cuvee Alinéor is a selection of 45 year old vines of Merlot from the property.
Plantation density: 5,000 plants per hectare.
Maceration in temperature-controlled cement vats for 4 months.
The ageing is undertaken for 12 months in wood; one third new oak barrels and the other two thirds in 1 and 2 wine barrels.
This wine does not undergo fining in order to retain its finesse.

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FRONSAC AO – Moine-Martin

The Château Moine-Martin is the second wine of Château Mayne-Vieil.
75% Merlot and 25% Cabernet Franc.
Aged in Vats.
This wine is very approachable in its youth.


The Château Buisson-Redon is the part of Château Mayne-Vieil that is not classified in Fronsac AC but is in an enclave of this appellation.

Château Buisson-Redon red – Aoc Bordeaux red

30 years old vines. 60% Merlot, 40% Cabernet Franc Plantation Density: 5,000 plants per hectare Vinification in temperature-controlled vats. 15% aged un barrels.

Château Buisson-Redon White – Aoc Bordeaux White

100% Sauvignon Blanc.
Low temperature fermentation. Short maceration on fine lees to obtain more fat and roundness.

Annual production

Wine bottles

Château Mayne-Vieil - 4 route de Saillans - 33133 GALGON - Tél: +33 5 57 74 30 06 - Mail:

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