The Property

Since 1918, Château Mayne-Vieil has belonged to the SEZE family that reconstituted the property after world war 1 and is particularly attached to the production of high-quality red wines.
This exceptional vineyard of one unique holding of 47 hectares possesses 32 of them in the Fronsac AC, on a moderately steep hillside of clay and silt, and 15 hectares in the Bordeaux AC area.
A vineyard with managed grass growing is also de-leafed on one side to permit an optimal maturity of the grapes.
The vineyard area is planted with 70% of Merlot and 30% Cabernet Franc grape varieties that have been grafted on low-rootstock that is indispensable for the production of "grand" wines.

Annual production

Wine bottles

Château Mayne-Vieil - 4 route de Saillans - 33133 GALGON - Tél: +33 5 57 74 30 06 - Mail: